Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Coal Comments Due before January 22, 2013

"Big coal has big plans for Washington state. The largest coal company in the world - Peabody Coal - wants to build a massive export terminal in Whatcom County so they can ship coal from Wyoming and Montana to Asia and all over the world.

The most important step right now is to weigh in with the agencies making the first round of decisions on the project before the deadline of Jan. 22. Please comment today and say NO to coal in the Northwest.

The proposed Cherry Point terminal, north of Bellingham, would export at least 48 million tons of coal per year and would make it the largest coal export facility in North America. On the way from the Powder River Basin, millions of pounds of coal would be transported annually by train through most of Washington's population centers, leaving traffic jams and a cloud of harmful coal dust in its wake. Not to mention mercury poisoning blowing back to the West Coast from coal burned in Asia and the catastrophic climate impacts from burning that coal.

Over 8,000 concerned citizens like you turned out to seven hearings throughout Washington and two “People’s Hearings” in Montana this fall. Together, our voices can make a different – but we need to keep the pressure up. Please make your voice heard: comment today and say NO to coal.

Thanks for all you do,"

Becky Kelley
Deputy Director

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