Saturday, November 23, 2013

Legal Magic for Pot Stops via AlterNet

Here are "Magic" Phrases for Pot Stops

"The United States Constitution gives you rights that protect you during police encounters. It is the job of the police to find evidence of a crime. It is not your job to confess or help them. They get paid quite well, so please do not do their job for them. Your job is to do and say the right things to protect yourself and defend your rights."

Am I free to go?
I do not consent to any serches.
I want to remain silent.
I want a lawyer.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wolves Killed by KKK Kowards, It Took 7 Masked Guys to Bring Down 1 Wolf.

Wolf Killed by kkk kowards, It Took 7 Masked Guys with Guns to Bring Down 1 Wolf. November 2013.

We take this moment to honor the wolf, who bravely fought against 7 kkk kowards.
To the wolf, we say Good Job! You were brave and showed courage!

The Great Wolf Land in the Sky Greets a Great Warrior!
As for the seven guys wearing the sheets that show they were raised to live in an ugly past, maybe if they hadn't been wearing bed sheets wrapped around their faces, they might get more oxygen to their brains, and realize that only losers kill for sport and only losers are obsessed with enacting the tired, wornout, and boring obsession with race wars. That script was written, acted out, and abandoned as unworthy of human beings.
May the Lord forgive the seven kkk kowards their cruelty.
We can call our local, state, and US governments to create a better world for US and our future.
This is an email from the Center for Biological Diversity.
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Center for Biological Diversity

"This is one of the most disturbing and revealing images I've ever seen. Bloodthirsty, paranoid cowards posted it on Facebook this week."

Cowardly wolf killers
The Ku Klux Klan imagery is no accident. It was celebrated by other cowardly commenters on the anti-wolf website:

S.W.: "Idaho too! Them boys have room for another masked man? I'll ride."

J.G.: "Next time they go full REGALIA."

A.T.: "Redneck KKK."

This is what we're up against. These are the people who will be set free to slaughter even more wolves if the government succeeds in its plan to strip away all federal protection.

Please help the Center for Biological Diversity save wolves from this deadly paranoia, fear and hatred. 
Sadly, the xenophobia, hatred, violence and victimhood invoked by this disturbing image are common among wolf haters. The website posting the image delusionally declares that wolves are alien outsiders, threatening "real" Americans. It thrives on fear and urges violence. Its mission is to "educate and show pictures of dead wolves, coyotes & other stuff."

It's unacceptable. It has to stop.

If you're disgusted by this celebration of Klan-like imagery and hatred, please help us fight it. Help us stop the killing. 
Make a generous donation to the Wolf Defense Fund in memory of wolves killed by ignorance. In memory of the wolf in this very picture.

The Center is fighting for wolves in California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. We've gone to court for them and won in Arizona, New Mexico, Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin.

We can stop the Interior Department's plan to strip all federal protection from wolves, but we don't have much time. The final comment period ends soon, and after that the agency will rush to issue a final decision. We need to mobilize as many people as possible before the decision is made, and prepare to file a lawsuit as soon the decision is made, to get a legal injunction against the killing that will be unleashed.

Thank you for all your help and support. Please pass this email to your friends and family. We have to educate and activate as many people as possible to 
stop the killing, hatred and ignorance.