Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chemtrails in Spokane, WA Look Up! We are breathing aluminum, barium, stronium. Try to report it to the news.

Early Morning Chemtrails. Spokane, Washington. Sept. 12, 2012. By Justin Wallis. Uploaded by gatmanvideos.

"18 Feb. 2011. Spokane, WA. Chemtrails gallore here on a daily basis. Government tells us that's a contrail. It's not. It's a chemtrail and there's aluminum, baruim, and stronium in it, heavy metals which are very dangerous to breathe and we're breathing it, I'm breathing it, my grandkids are breathing it, you're breathing it no matter where you are, live, look up. You can see it happening...I'll have more news for you later that the media should be protecting us from the US government, so I am doing their job."
CHEMTRAILS-The MOVIE-POISONED in Spokane, WA! Call 202-456-1414
Eye infections, bloody noses in kids.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Stop 50 Coal Trains Coming Through Spokane


Please post the following two events on your FB pages, relevant organizations you belong to on FB, etc. I need help in reaching people who belong to neighborhood councils and getting them to post to their NH FB pages. If you belong to a neighborhood council with a FB page, please post these events.

It's so important to go to the scoping hearing. Scoping will determine what is in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). If the US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) is not asked to scope an impact that you think is important, it may not get into the draft EIS. When the draft comes out (it could take a year), you can comment on that but it may be too late to get the scope of the negative impacts that are important to you and the regional impacts (that is, the 4,000 miles from the Powder River Basin to the Pacific Gateway Terminal at Cherry Point near Bellingham) in the final EIS.

The workshop on Nov. 28 will help you prepare your comments. It's not a comment if you say you hate coal trains and don't want them to come. That's an opinion. The USACE won't and can't do anything about that in the EIS. You need to tell USACE what your concerns are regarding coal exports, how they can be mitigated, if they can be, what you want studied, etc.

If you want the official links to the USACE comment page and the official press release from DOE, let me know and I'll send them to you.

You will have two minutes to speak. You have to sign up 30 minutes before hand. Speakers will be called up in groups of three. If you are not there when you are called you will have to wait for all the speakers to speak before you can have your turn at the microphone. There will be 75-100 speaking slots. We aren't certain yet. For those of you who are microphone shy, you can come to the hearing and write your comments and hand them to an official or you can speak your comments to a stenographer. You don't have to stay for the whole hearing but please come to the rally from 3-4 pm. Officials will not make comments on your comments or ask you questions. Please let Crystal know at crystal.gartner@sierraclub.org if you are going to speak.
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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Spokane Downtown Christmas Parking is Free after 5:00 pm through Friday, January 04, 2012.

Beginning Friday, November 23, 2012, the City of Spokane offers free parking downtown after 5:00 pm through the Christmas season.
Beginning Monday, January 07, 2012, there will be no free parking until after 7:00 pm.
Posted on November 23, 2012 at 7:23 PM Updated yesterday at 7:41 PM
"Starting Friday, you can park for free after 5 p.m. The ordinance will remain in affect through the entire holiday season...  
You can park for free after 5 p.m. through Jan. 5th, but come Monday, Jan. 7th, you’ll be expected to pay through 7 p.m. again."

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Snowy November 12, 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012 is a holiday for area school children, in observation of Veterans Day.
At 7:07 am, snow is steadily falling, with several inches expected today.
The roads are slick, so careful driving is a must.
Here's a list of what's open or closed in observance of Veterans Day.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Spokane County Shoreline Master Program (SMP)

This is regarding the Spokane County Shoreline Master Program. (SMP) Here's a place to sign a petition: http://be.futurewise.org/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=12030 Futurewise. "This could be your last opportunity this decade to gain protections for our community's most fragile and special places! The SMP is the foundation for protecting shorelines and waterways in Spokane County including the Spokane River, the Little Spokane River, Hangman Creek, Newman Lake and 73 other bodies of water." This site requests a zip code. The next page is a letter with the Subject: SMP Update: Spokane County needs clean, healthy waterways for people, fish, and wildlife. The letter is sent to Department of Ecology E. WA Shoreline Program Sara Hunt; Spokane County Commissioners: Todd Mielke, Mark Richard, and Al French. The site requests a name, address, city, state, and zip code.