Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chemtrails in Spokane, WA Look Up! We are breathing aluminum, barium, stronium. Try to report it to the news.

Early Morning Chemtrails. Spokane, Washington. Sept. 12, 2012. By Justin Wallis. Uploaded by gatmanvideos.

"18 Feb. 2011. Spokane, WA. Chemtrails gallore here on a daily basis. Government tells us that's a contrail. It's not. It's a chemtrail and there's aluminum, baruim, and stronium in it, heavy metals which are very dangerous to breathe and we're breathing it, I'm breathing it, my grandkids are breathing it, you're breathing it no matter where you are, live, look up. You can see it happening...I'll have more news for you later that the media should be protecting us from the US government, so I am doing their job."
CHEMTRAILS-The MOVIE-POISONED in Spokane, WA! Call 202-456-1414
Eye infections, bloody noses in kids.

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