PLEASE READ THIS!! Boycott Java On Sherman!!
Eye witness account,  (pulled?)

Kim Mitchell Gustafson
If you go to Java on Sherman, please read this.

Let me tell yeah...this happened right in front of my house and the police AND the owners and workers at Java On Sherman tried to do what I would call a nice little "cover up" on this one. First off, after the cop shot the dog THROUGH the glass on the van (which means the dog was NOT hanging out the window as the cop tried to say) other officers arrived in a few other cara. They called animal control and all walked up to the van, opened the door and loaded the BLACK LAB into the animal control vehicle and then that vehicle left. My roomie was outside questioning and VERY upset at what happened and stated this clearly to one of the officers who CLEARLY, a...fter KNOWING it was a BLACK LAB still claimed it was a "vicious pit bull"!!!!! ALL LIES AND HE KNEW IT! After the officer heard enough of my roomie giving him a piece of his mind the officer returned to his "partners" and the owners and a couple of workers from Java. They talked for maybe two min and the workers went inside and ALL officers left. Now please note that we were shocked because the owner of the vehicle wasnt outside anywhere. Meaning...HELLO...since his van was parked IN THE PARKING LOT OF JAVA ON SHERMAN he is most likely inside, right? So I sat and waited 5 min before a man walked out of the establishment and towards the van. He didnt seen upsey of distraught so I was thinking he must not know. I crossed the street and walked up to him and asked if it was his van. He looked at it and then me and looked puzzled and said "Yes...why"??? My heart dropped as clearly NO ONE....not the owner, no workers, nor the police has bothered to go inside and inform him that his dog was just shot and killed by Cda Police officer through his van window and had been removed and taken away within a twenty or so min period. At this point I had no option but to point to his window to the bullet hole. Needless to say he panicked and asked where his dog was as he ran to the van. Im sure you can imagine the rest. ---- Now this is where it gets even better...ten min later as he is upset and the owners of the property and business are both outside watching from a distance a tow truck pulls up. The owner of the property tells the owner of the van that that it is there for HiS van. The guy pleads to not have this van towed for NO REASON. Mind you...a paying customer of Java simply Inside having breakfast and comes out to this. The owner of the property had the tow truck leave and instructed the owner of the van to leave the property right away. Weird, right? The guy pleads with the owner of the property and explains his dogs blood and brains are inside the van and he doesnt want to leave right away. He also explained he had a couple of beers inside and didn't want to drive. The man said he didnt care and he needed to leave IMMEDIATELY!!!!! The owner than turned to me and pleaded with me to drive him safely to where he was going so I asked the owner of the property to please give me ten min to get the guy and his van out of there. He told me NO WAY....he needed to leave NOW!!!! This is when I lost it and got lippy because of the sheer unjustice of the situation and the way this man was being treated FOR NO REASON!!! I told the man to have a heart and not make this customer sit in his van in the blood and such and also drive after drinking (at this point...not in these words...I was pissed) He grabbed his phone and threatened to call the cops and told us to both get off the property right away! At this point the driver of the van got in and drove away and I crossed the street to my house and shouted to him how cruel and cold hearted he was. --- Now again...why did no one locate him Inside and tell him? They all just removed his dead dog they had shot and killed and then left. And the owners tried to have the van towed right away? REALLY? They didnt want media attention apparently. Well screw that!!!! Please EVERYONE share, share, share this!!!!! Let the TRUTH speak to help prevent this from happening as if it is all okay!!!!